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Critical Treatment and Attention: Knowledge Regarding Your Local Emergency Health Clinic in New Braunfels, TX

In ancient societies, hospitals were entirely different from the facilities that we’ve come to entrust in the 21st century.

4,000 year-old Egyptian temples are supposed to have been the first manmade medical clinics on the planet, and they were referred to as sleeping sanctuaries that focused on treating maladies by way of intonations, hypnotherapy, and alternative forms of religiously-inspired therapy.

Thousands of years later, the Roman military instituted the first-ever emergency health clinic in response to the overabundance of battlefield wounds and frontline injuries sustained by soldiers during regional skirmishes.

Modern Emergency Medicine in North America

A contemporary emergency health clinic, on the other hand, is a precisely managed, instant-response healthcare center that tends to some of the most pressing, high-priority medical situations in the country:

  • As identified by the CDC research panel, nearly 137 million patients are sent to a local emergency health clinic each year, roughly 40 million of whom are the victims of sudden, unanticipated injuries.
    These facilities are renowned for their swift reactions to incoming sufferers, as the average wait-time in an emergency medical complex is less than 25 minutes, and most patients are actually discharged within an hour after treatment.
  • Texas currently leads the nation in terms of ER admissions per annum, with approximately 49 out of every 100 Texans receiving critical attention during any given 12-month time period according to the latest Emergency Department Use study.
  • Thus, in the likely scenario that you find yourself exposed to a serious medical calamity, you have to be prepared and ready to zip over to the emergency health clinic in New Braunfels, TX.

Immediate Life-Saving Attention

Storing the address of the Lonestar 24 HR ER is the first and most imperative step to designing an action plan for your family.

Their board-certified emergency-response physicians represent your salvation during any kind of traumatic event, irrespective of the severity, time of day, or number of people affected, so inform your entire household about this no-wait-time solution, and map out the quickest route so that you’re always ready to go. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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