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Things To Know About Stem Cell Treatment At Clinics In Las Vegas, NV

The research behind the use of stem cells in treating a wide range of conditions from cardiovascular disease to arthritis continues to grow and expand into even more potential for patients throughout Las Vegas, NV, and the rest of the country.

Many people assume that stem cell treatment is only done a hospital, but one of the many benefits of this type of therapy is that it can be done in a medical clinic in just a few minutes. With the option to have an injection in a clinic and with doctors licensed to provide the service, it becomes a cost-effective treatment option for anyone to consider.

The Right Professionals

As with any type of medical procedure, stem cell treatment must be done correctly and with the specifics of the patient in mind. When looking for a clinic in Las Vegas, NV, to complete the treatment, always choose an established clinic with medical doctors on staff.

Information on the medical team should be readily available on the clinic’s website. Take the time to learn more about the doctors and find out how often they perform the treatment before making a choice.

Stem Cell Therapy Is Not Instant

Stem cell therapy can have long-lasting results, but it is not an instant method to relieve pain or to rebuild body tissues. For most patients, some positive effects are noticed within a couple of weeks after the injection, but the full benefits of the stem cells is not maximized until 10 to 12 weeks later.

It is possible to repeat stem cell treatment, and with some conditions such as arthritis and joint or cartilage degeneration, it may need to be repeated or completed in different parts of the body over time.

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