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Convenient and Compassionate Care for Your Pet

When your pet is scared of going to the vet, you might be prone to putting off those important checkups and evaluations. Our mobile vet in Chicago reduces the stress of going to the vet. You will not have to catch your pet, put it into a cage and make your way to an office. We come to you at the time you choose. Your pet will not be as stressed, and you will also be more at ease.

Our mobile vet is also a wise choice if you do not drive. Getting around in the Windy City is often an exercise in frustration, especially if you do not have a car. Our veterinarian comes to you, so you do not have to worry about traffic, finding a taxi or ride share or getting a friend to drive you and your pet to the vet. Most mass transit does not allow animals, so if you do not drive, our mobile services are a convenient solution to your pet’s healthcare needs.

We can do all of the routine veterinary care services that your pet needs. We can weigh your pet, provide vaccinations and do a full physical exam. We do all of this in an environment that your pet is used to. Our mobile vets are also able to assist you with end-of-life decisions. If your pet is terminally ill, we can perform euthanasia for your pet in the quiet and comfort of your home.

At Village West Vet, we have your pet’s and your best interests in mind. We provide professional and compassionate care at the location of your choice in the Chicago area. You can also visit us online at website to make an appointment with our mobile vet in Chicago.

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