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Bariatric Surgery: Succeeding When Diets Fail

Since the 1970s, people have been turning to bariatric surgery to lose weight successfully. In the first decade of the 20th century, medical weight loss surgery has increasingly become a tool for helping obese individuals. When diet fails people in New Mexico, many turn to surgery for help.

Why Does It Work?

Individuals who undergo medical weight loss surgery lose weight. Candidates are those who have tried consistently to lose weight through diet and exercise and failed. In spite of popular belief, obesity and lack of willpower are not synonymous.

In New Mexico, researchers and medical professionals understand the difficulties involved in losing weight not temporarily but permanently. Studies denote the powerful effect surgery has on not only weight reduction but also the overall quality of life following bariatric surgery. Evidence indicates the positive effects endure five years or longer.

Why does weight loss surgery succeed when dieting and exercise do not? In part, it is because the reduction of the stomach size and/or shape modifies the food intake. It forces the body to ingest only what it can digest. Just as important is the fight the longstanding obese body has against dietary changes. It reduces the metabolic rate. Hormones within the stomach also refuse to adapt to dietary changes continuing in demands for more food usually those high in sugars and fats.

Weight loss surgery overcomes both problems by:

1. Restricting the stomach’s ability to ingest food
2. Manipulate hormones within the gut, therefore decreasing the craving for food and/or making the stomach feel satiety

Bariatric Surgery: Effective and Safe

Weight loss surgery is a tool of immeasurable help in combatting obesity. Unlike diet and exercise, it can work with obese individuals from New Mexico to Maine to ensure the changes “take.” By shrinking stomach size and altering the current hormonal situation in the gastrointestinal system, bariatric surgery works with the patient to ensure weight stability over time.

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