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Details About Ear Acupuncture Therapy In Wellington, FL

In Florida, holistic doctors review alternative methods of treating chronic illnesses. Their approach could help some patients avoid complex surgeries or heavy medications. Among the choices for alternative therapies is ear acupuncture. A local health and wellness center provides Ear Acupuncture Therapy in Wellington, FL for patients who want a different treatment option.

What is Ear Acupuncture?

Essentially, ear acupuncture is the placement of thin needles into the ear where trigger points are located. Like other acupuncture procedures, the process is used to promote natural healing and manage pain primarily. It is a therapy that follows holistic practices that started in China.

What Conditions are Treated with Ear Acupuncture?

It promotes natural pain management for irritable bowel syndrome, chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, lower back pain, and arthritis. The therapy also treats allergies, anxiety, insomnia, and constipation. Some practitioners utilize the therapy to help patients lose weight, quit smoking, and manage stress levels.

Natural Healing for Cardiovascular Disease

Patients are at a greater risk of a heart attack or heart-related episode when their stress levels are high. Stress, high blood pressure, and uncontrollable mood swings lead to cardiovascular disease. Practitioners who are taking a holistic approach to treating cardiovascular disease recommend ear acupuncture to stabilize the patient’s mood and control triggers that cause heart attacks.

How Often Should Patients Receive the Treatment?

The practitioners assess the patient’s condition and determine how often the patient should receive the treatment. Typically, the treatment is performed at least once a week at the beginning of the treatment. Once the body starts the natural healing process, the treatment isn’t performed as often. However, patients who are receiving the therapy for stress or anxiety could acquire it at any time to control their symptoms.

In Florida, holistic doctors provide a different approach for the treatment of chronic pain and debilitating conditions. Ear acupuncture is added to the patient’s treatment plan if they experience conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, or have higher than average stress levels. A local health and wellness center provides the therapy along with several beneficial choices. Patients who want to schedule Ear Acupuncture Therapy in Wellington, FL are encouraged to contact RegenaMedX or Visit website right now.

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