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Learn about Laser Hair Removal Steps, Find a Surgeon in Chicago

Laser hair removal is an excellent procedure because it can remove unwanted hair from the body. Chicago residents are likely to enjoy the many benefits of such a procedure, such as reduced hair, less shaving/waxing, and fewer issues from shaving. However, before you decide if the procedure is right for you, it can be beneficial to learn about the steps involved.

Suitable Candidates

Almost everyone can benefit from the procedure. However, those with white, gray, or light blond hair may not have enough pigment to be suitable candidates. When you go in for your initial consultation, your surgeon can help you decide if this procedure will work for you.

The Consultation

Before anything is done, your surgeon wants to meet with you to discuss your goals and any medical conditions. They’re likely to ask what medications you are on, which should include any herbal supplements and vitamins. They might also ask if you use tobacco, alcohol, or any other drugs. It is important to be honest during the consultation because if you omit information about previous surgeries or current medications, it could affect your recovery or put you at higher risk of complications.


Your surgeon (or licensed provider) should perform the procedure. They use highly-focused light beams directly on the skin, which is absorbed by the hair. It, in effect, disables the follicles so that they cannot produce hair. You might experience some discomfort, though you aren’t likely to experience pain.

It can take up to four treatments to notice significant hair reduction. This depends on your hair growth cycle, the type of hair, and how well your body responds.

Laser hair removal isn’t a permanent solution, but it significantly reduces how much hair you have on various parts of the body. Visit The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Chicago and to learn more. Like us on our facebook page.

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