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What You Should Know About STD Testing In Cincinnati, OH

In Ohio, urgent care facilities provide a wealth of services for local patients. The medical staff provides diagnostic services and provide fast treatments whenever possible. The facility is equipped with adequate equipment and testing options to treat minor emergencies. A local facility also provides STD Testing in Cincinnati OH, too.

Full STD Panel for All Patients

The medical staff at the urgent care facility complete a full STD panel for all patients. The comprehensive testing option helps the patients determine if they have any sexually transmitted diseases or infections quickly. The results are available within a few hours.
Counseling and Treatment for STDs

The doctor assigned to their case provides counseling for the STD or STI they have. If treatment is possible, the doctor provides the correct option for the patient. Counseling services are available for patients with more substantial illnesses for which there isn’t a cure. The doctors also provide literature about the STD and explain what the patient should expect in the future.

Counseling About Safe Sex Practices

Safe sex practices are also discussed with the patients. The doctors provide information about the most effective methods of protecting the patient in the future for the STD or STI. They provide condoms and other methods upon request. The medical staff may also explain birth control options if the patient needs additional information about their choices.

Assistance and Referrals for Certain STDs

The doctor may provide a referral for the patient if they need ongoing treatment for their condition. For example, patients who have HIV are referred to doctors that will monitor their condition more proactively and reduce the potential for fatal conditions. The virus presents complications that could prove fatal since it diminishes the patient’s immune system in the later stages of the disease.

In Ohio, urgent care facilities offer full STD panels to determine if a patient has one or more diseases or infections. The services are available at any time that the facility is open. The patients have access to full treatment for most STDs and STIs. Individuals who need to schedule an appointment for STD Testing in Cincinnati OH contact Eastside Urgent Care for more information right now. You can also visit them on YouTube Channel.

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