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Dual Diagnosis Therapy Combines Addiction Treatment With Additional Mental Health Care in Cape Coral FL

Mental Health Care in Cape Coral FL is an integral part of addiction therapy and treatment for patients experiencing chronic depression, anxiety or other psychological issues that disrupt their lives. In some cases, these issues are essentially side effects that have developed from the addiction. In other situations, those mental health issues developed first, and the person began using alcohol or other drugs as a way of coping.

A Dual Diagnosis Example: PTSD

When addiction is present along with another mental health disorder, this is known as dual diagnosis, no matter which issue developed first. Consider a person who experienced terrible emotional trauma and later experienced symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Without understanding that he or she was now dealing with the mental health disorder PTSD, this person may have begun drinking excessively or using marijuana every day to calm down and function normally. Tranquilizing drugs may have been appealing, leading the person to put forth the effort to continue obtaining these prescription medications illegally.

Mental health researchers have discovered that PTSD is significantly more common than people once believed. It often occurs after a serious vehicle accident, for instance. A person who was injured or saw someone else seriously hurt may feel a loss of control and a sense of meaningless afterward.

A Supportive Setting

An inpatient rehab setting that provides additional services for Mental Health Care in Cape Coral FL is an ideal opportunity for this person to begin recovery in a supportive, safe setting. The client receives psychological or psychiatric counseling for both the addiction and PTSD.

A Certified Recovery Residence

After this part of the therapy is complete, the person may like the option of moving into a certified recovery residence to continue on the path with peer support. Homes managed by a rehab organization such as  offer the chance for their clients to return to full-time work and live with housemates who also are recovering from chemical dependency. They learn how to handle life outside of rehab without turning to alcohol or other substances. Visit the website to learn more about this particular organization and its services.

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