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Possible Brain Injury? 3 Reasons to Get to the Doctor Now

A bad fall could lead to minor bumps on the skull or a major trauma to the brain, says Healthline. The best way to deal with a possible brain injury is to get help as soon as possible. Here’s why:

Determine extent of damage

It can be hard to determine just how serious an injury to the head can be. Some minor head wounds tend to bleed a lot while major injuries might not result in any outward signs of bleeding at all. Going to an experienced doctor is the best way to move forward in case you find yourself suffering from an injury to the head. A trained and experienced doctor will be in the best position to evaluate your condition and determine the extent of the injury or damage.

Find out if you’re injured or not

Some types of brain injuries might be caused by blows to the head or the result of blunt force trauma. If you were in an accident a few days before and believed you suffered no injuries, you might be wrong. Consult a doctor to find out whether you ended up sustaining injuries from the accident after all. For some conditions, symptoms often take time before they show up. Seeking out medical attention is one way to find out whether you’re really in the clear or not.

Identify the best treatment possible

Brain injury doctors and specialists will evaluate your condition to identify the treatments that are ideal and available to you. That said, the sooner you go to the doctor, the better. Early evaluation, diagnosis and treatment can help with your recovery. These could also prevent the injuries—if you turn out to have any—from getting worse.

Whether you were in a car accident or a bad fall, it won’t hurt to go to the doctor and have your health checked out.

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