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Benefits of Daycare and Dog Sitting in Elkhorn NE

Many people worry about their dog being home alone for long periods of time while family members are at work or school. Dogs that are alone for extended amounts of time can get destructive and actually hurt themselves. Dog daycare is a great solution for this issue. Boredom isn’t an issue at Cottonwood Pet Resort that offers Dog Sitting in Elkhorn NE. In addition to offering daycare, they also offer grooming, overnight stays, and training. Here are some benefits to dog daycare.

Learning to Socialize

One of the most important benefits to opting for dog daycare is the time for socialization. This allows a dog to become comfortable around other people and pets. This also helps them get more accustomed to adjusting to new surroundings.

Getting Exercise

Dogs can be very energetic, and this gives them a great chance to get exercise and release some energy while their owners are at work. The staff at Cottonwood Pet Resort will provide plenty of activities for the pet, including supervised play. By the time a family member picks the dog up, the pet will be ready to get home and relax with family.

Work on Manners

The staff will work with dogs that might need a little help with their manners. Many people notice that after a few weeks of daycare their dog is a little more obedient and recognizes commands. Dogs that spend time with other canine friends get the confidence they need to be more outgoing and bring out the best in their personalities. The dogs develop strong friendships with the other pets at a dog daycare. The special activities like pool time in the warmer months and special treats will make the experience wonderful for any dog.

Those that are interested in Dog Sitting in Elkhorn NE can visit for additional information as well as to see the pricing for partial or full days. This is a family owned and operated business that has been providing services in the area for over 25 years. This will be a memorable getaway and your pet will always look forward to returning.

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