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5 Tips for When Your Baby is Ready for Solids

Transitioning to solids is a milestone in your baby’s life. If you think she’s ready, put the following tips to good use.

Continue breastfeeding

Keep breastfeeding her while you introduce her to solids. That’s going to help her system gradually adjust. If you aren’t breastfeeding any longer, give her formula instead.

Start with iron

Iron-rich foods make for a good choice. These may include meat or fish that’s been finely minced, the Health Link. Solids like mashed beans, mashed cooked egg yolk or tofu are also good options to go for.

Go for variety

Don’t keep feeding your baby the same meals. She’ll get tired of the taste much too soon. Don’t have the time and energy to plan, shop and cook different baby meals? Buy them instead. Stock up by putting in a huge batch of orders from an organic baby food delivery service in the Upper East Side. With a delivery service, you can pick out different meals for your baby. Providing her with the variety she needs is now a whole lot easier.

Be prepared for a mess

As your baby learns to chew, swallow and use cups and utensils, she’s going to experiment a lot. That’s going to mean a ton of mess as well. Learn to deal with everything as patiently as you can. You could also reduce your cleanup by using a high chair that comes with a detachable tray. This way, the tray will be locked in place, preventing food and dishes from sliding to the floor.

Minimize the hassle and stress

Buying from an organic baby food delivery service in the Upper East Side means you can provide healthy meals for your baby with little to no stress and hassle. That’s one of the best reasons why these companies can be the ultimate life-saver for busy parents everywhere.

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