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The Most Popular Programs for Sports Training in Bountiful, Utah

As we all know, contemporary sports are defined by inches, seconds, and which athlete has the competitive edge. This is why top-notch competitors are constantly striving to enhance, heighten, and elevate their physical strength, speed, and agility with various sports training programs.

However, it’s important to note that your local physical therapist can do much more than just help you recover from injuries in today’s day and age. These biomechanical specialists are able to provide a myriad of modernized strategies and technologies to help take your performance to the next level, not to mention the fact that they’ll considerably improve your resistance to injuries.

So if you’ve been trying to reinvigorate your approach to sports training in Bountiful, Utah, it’s in your best interests to take a closer look at the personalized services available at your local physical therapy clinic:

Anti-Gravity Treadmill Training

The top-rated physical therapists in your area, such as the Hand & Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists, for instance, are able to provide a wide range of high-tech implements that you cannot find at your neighborhood fitness club, one of which is the new-age anti-gravity treadmill:

• The patented unweighting equipment substantially decreases the impact of walking and running, which essentially allows you to exercise at a lower body weight.

• This unique workout significantly augments your body’s normal healing process without overstraining your joints, tendons, or ligaments.

• Even if you have pre-existing injuries or happen to be recovering from a recent surgery, you’ll feel as though you are walking and running on air.

As such, the anti-gravity treadmill is a staple in today’s most effectual sports training regimens but you have to give it a try to truly experience its benefits.

Aquatic Therapy

As another new-age mode of non-weight-bearing sports training, guided aquatic therapy allows you to use the buoyancy and resistance of water to vastly improve your physical status:

• Increase blood supply without affecting your joints or any existing bone fractures.

• Stimulate your body’s natural recovery process and increase range of motion.

• Variable speed underwater treadmills are tailored to account for your mobility level.

• Underwater cameras and monitors can help you refine your gait and posture.

• Resistance and pressure jets will allow your therapist to progressively alter your routine and target particular muscles.

With a professional physical therapist at your disposal, you’ll also gain access to vestibular rehabilitation programs, dry needling treatments, customized runner’s training, and countless other advanced forms of exercise. Be sure to visit your local clinic as soon as possible to ascertain the ideal regimen for your fitness needs.

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