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Drug Treatment Centers: Avoiding Relapse And Courting Recovery

From the middle of the 1970s, research has indicated that drug treatment centers can effectively help patients addicted to or dependent on opioids and other habit-forming substances successfully overturn the pattern. After setting up facilities in such regions as Broward County, professionals cite the benefits of enrolling in a drug rehabilitation program. Research also continues to provide guidance on the characteristics of successful drug rehabilitation centers.

Effective Programs

Effective programs focus on the individual. The intent is to avoid relapse after completing the program and provide the drug dependent individual with the ability to establish a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. This requires not a singular but a dual approach. To be successful, the programs must be capable of addressing the needs of each individual – not those of a nameless, homogenous entity labeled “drug abuser.”

Drug addiction is complex. Research clearly indicates that, while treatable, no single approach is appropriate for everyone. Effective drug treatment centers recognize this considering any unique factors or influences responsible for the individual’s drug abuse. This results in a multi-prong approach. The two major “prongs” are:

  • Counseling/Therapy: This is available for the individual and, where applicable, his/her family. Sessions may occur individually or as part of a group. Therapists often employ behavioral therapies.
  • Pharmacological Therapy: Doctors use medications of different types to help patients recover. They can address everything from opioid withdrawal to mental disorders.

Medical professionals in Broward County put the appropriate measures into place, but also adjust them according to any changes in the patient’s situation.

Drug Treatment Centers

Drug treatment centers are capable of helping those with addiction and dependency problems. Using modern medications and behavioral therapies together with monitoring and counseling, they work with each patient. By realizing the complexity of drug addiction and the individualistic nature of the factors involved, professionals can help prevent relapses and restore a healthy lifestyle.

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