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Getting Help From A Business That Does Skin Care in Allentown

When someone suffers from dry skin due to winter temperatures, it is likely they will want to do a routine in skin care in Allentown to improve its condition. There are several steps that can be taken to get skin back to a smooth and supple appearance. Here are some tips to help in battling winter skin conditions.

Do Not Rub The Skin When Drying

The oils within skin will diminish if they are rubbed away after bathing. It is a good idea to avoid rubbing the skin excessively with a towel after taking a bath or shower. Instead, drip-dry or pat the skin with a towel gently so beneficial oils remain in place. Use a moisturizer after bathing to help to keep skin soft as well.

Avoid Hot Temperatures

If someone takes a very hot shower or bath, the natural oils in the skin will deteriorate. Using lukewarm water is best as it will help in retaining the oils so the skin does not dry out. It is also important to stay away from heating vents in the home and car. If blowing air is directly hitting the skin for excessive time periods, it will tend to dry out very quickly.

See A Professional For Help

When dry skin becomes itchy, red, and painful, a trip to a professional can be a great way to get it back to its normal state. A worker at a business dealing with skin care tactics will take a look at the skin’s condition and make recommendations on how to remedy the situation. They will be able to provide treatments within the establishment to help to keep the skin moisturized so it heals quickly. They will also have the right products on hand for any type of skin condition.

When there is a need to get help in reversing a dry skin problem, going to a salon to find out more about skin care in Allentown is best. Get more information by giving a call to the business to inquire about skin care treatments. Pricing can be discussed over the phone and an appointment can be made to see a specialist if desired.

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