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Six Signs You’ve Got a Drinking Problem

It’s not always easy to see the signs of alcohol abuse. Wondering if you have a drinking problem? Read on to know:

You’re guilty

If you’re starting to feel guilty or ashamed about your drinking, then that’s a sign that it might be turning into something more.

You lie about your habits

If you find yourself lying to your friends or family about your drinking habits or you’re actively finding ways to hide it from them, then the problem might have already reached a point when you need to consider the that you might already be suffering from addiction.

You drink more than you should

If you can’t seem to limit yourself to only one glass or pint no matter how much you tell yourself you will, if the urge or compulsion to drink is stronger than your will, then that’s a serious problem and one you’ll need help with.

Your loved ones are concerned

If loved ones are coming up to you and asking you to please stop drinking, then that’s another indication that you have a drinking problem, says HelpGuide. It might be wise to start looking for alcohol rehab in Sacramento.

You black out

If you’re constantly blacking out because you have too much to drink, that’s your body’s way of telling you that your social drinking has turned into an addiction. Also, if the alcohol abuse is starting to affect your physical health, then it’s time you seek out professional help.

You’re hurting yourself or others

If you’re resorting to physical violence when you’re drunk and you’re starting to do self-harm or you’re hurting others, then it’s time to get help.

Getting help

Look for an alcohol rehab in Sacramento that offers the services you need. Don’t wait until your drinking problem gets worse. Make that call today.

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