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Do You Need to Undergo VNG Testing?

Dizziness and balance problems can be more serious than you think. So if you suffer from any of these, you might want to make an appointment for a VNG in Orlando.

What is VNG?

It stands for vestibullonystagmography. It’s a medical test that helps doctors figure out if your balance issues spring from problems from inside or outside of your inner ear. It can also determine if the damage extend to both of your ears or to just one.

What happens in a VNG?

The test is basically designed to record your ability to follow an object with your eyes and to assess how your eyes respond to the information from the vestibular system. Any signs of problems with either of both of your ears’ center of balance can cause the dizziness. This test is designed to check for any issues or problems involving that. By recording eye movements through infrared goggles placed around the edges of one’s eye, it’s possible to record movements during testing and to see if those movements are related to vestibular disorders of any kind.

What are the benefits of VNG?

It’s non-invasive so there’s no need to worry about risks and recovery times. However, you’ll need to keep in mind that there might be a little discomfort from wearing the goggles. It also helps prevent invasive medical procedures since if the VNG results check out or pinpoint to a specific problem, you’ll receive treatment for your condition right away.

What else do I need to know?

Sessions last for about an hour and a half. Testing is usually covered by insurance but you might want to check with your insurance policy provider just to cover your bases. Also, refrain from taking any alcohol or certain medications 48 hours before the testing since those might compromise the results.

To know more, ask your doctor or reach out to a diagnostic facility offering VNG services in Orlando today.

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