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Properly Caring For Mens Wigs in Phoenix

When one of the Mens Wigs in Phoenix is purchased to wear, there is likely to be some concern about how to properly care for it so it remains in a new condition. There are several tasks that can be taken to help in keeping a wig from wearing prematurely. Here are some points to consider.

Invest In A Mannequin Head To Hold The Wig

A mannequin head can be purchased from a wig shop to use for holding the wig at times it is not being worn. These plastic or foam model heads can be placed in a bedroom in an area where air quality is not excessively humid. The model will help to retain the shape of the hairstyle rather than allowing it to become rumpled due to inadequate storage.

Use A Mild Cleaning Agent To Remove Debris

When washing a wig, it is important to use shampoos made especially for the material the strands is made from. A wig supply store will be able to offer recommendations on the right types of products to use. Apply the shampoo to the wig with the palms of the hands or the fingertips and work it through from the base of the strands to the tips. Do not rub the strands with excessive friction as this can cause damage to the strands. Rinse the shampoo out it its entirety.

Avoid Using Heating Products Too Often

While many wigs will withstand heat, it is a good idea to refrain from using it too much so the strands remain in the best of condition. Instead of using a hair dryer to remove moisture from a wig, allow for it to air dry. Styling tools can be used on strands of hair for special occasions if desired. Make sure the temperature of heating tools is not too hot as it can cause melting of hair strands. Use the tools for a short duration of time to keep strands from becoming damaged.

When there is a desire to purchase one of the Mens Wigs in Phoenix, finding the right supply store will be necessary. Contact Donte’s of New York today to find out more about the selection they have available.

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