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Cosmetic Eye Care Procedures: The Eyelids

Cosmetic eye care involves a number of different procedures. Some are surgically invasive; others are non-intrusive and may involve no surgery at all. While some eye care procedures may be medical in nature, others are purely cosmetic. This includes several procedures that address the eyelids. Of these, blepharoplasty remains the most common as well as the most frequently requested and performed aesthetic eye surgery.

Common Cosmetic Eyelid Eye Care Procedures

Cosmetic surgeons use their skill to reduce signs of aging around the eyes. They improve the appearance of the eyelids. Admittedly, some procedures involve the removal of blepharoplasties – excess skin on the eyelids. This may actually interfere with peripheral vision and is a condition related to genetics more than to the aging process. However, the majority of common eyelid surgical and non-surgical procedures are performed for the sake of improving the appearance of the face. When it comes to this type of eye care, the most common type of surgical treatment is blepharoplasty. Botox is another option – a non-surgical therapy.

  • Blepharoplasty (Eyelid surgery): A very popular surgical procedure for addressing eyelid problems, it involves a surgeon removing any excess fat or skin above and/or below the eyelids. Essentially, three types are common:

        a. upper blepharoplasty: focuses on the eyelids
b. lower blepharoplasty: removal of the “bags” or “troughs” under the eye
c. combination blepharoplasty: addresses both the upper and lower eyelids
By performing this type of procedure, the surgeon refreshes the entire area around the eye. Your eyes become more of an attractive focal point.

  • Botox: While many choose blepharoplasty, others opt for the temporary fix of Botox injections. They use these fillers to reduce or remove involuntary spams of the eyelids or blepharospasms
    These are the main options for cosmetic eye care involving the eyelids. Options also include Asian eyelid surgery. Always talk to a professional about options and issues before you decide on any form of cosmetic surgery.

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