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Breaking Ground in the Medical World with a Cannabis Doctor in San Francisco

Studies from as little as a couple years ago pointed to little medical value for marijuana; having said that, more research was being conducted from a negative point of view than a positive one. Certain patients seeing unsatisfactory results from prescription medications took a bold step and went out on their own to find a better alternative. Once they started divulging their findings to physicians, the medical world ultimately followed suit.

A Controversial Branch of Medicine Was Born

As a result of this independent research eventually picked up by the scientific realm, entirely new findings came to be. In only a short time, finding a Cannabis Doctor in San Francisco became an everyday phenomenon. Today, in spite of considerable resistance, two specific medications containing cannabinoids, or marijuana derivatives, have even been approved by the FDA.

Combating Harmful Side-Effects of Other Medications

Nausea and vomiting is a well-known side-effect of chemotherapy during cancer treatment. Resulting weight loss and potential malnutrition have a way of causing deeper issues, like lowered immunity and difficulties fighting cancer itself. In light of the common appetite increase and nausea-reducing qualities of marijuana, doctors began looking for its potential in combating this element of therapy.

From this research, Dronabinol was born, giving cancer patients more of a fighting chance against the condition than chemo alone. Though some who are particularly sensitive to the effects of medications do experience hallucinations and certain highs from this prescription option, its effectiveness is now believed to far outweigh its minute potential for negative side-effects.

Branching out Further

In line with the positive impacts of Dronabinol, Nabilone was likewise developed. A Cannabis Doctor in San Francisco would also prescribe this medication to promote appetite and weight gain in patients suffering from cancer and AIDS. Like Dronabinol, this option broke ground to offer patients a new and effective alternative where other prescriptions provided little relief.

Despite a great deal of red tape, both these medications are leading the way to further developments in the medical world. Though resistance will continue to be strong, the battle for better medical options won’t rage on in vain. Barbary Coast Collective stands among the innovators in this realm, offering patients relief where other options fall short. No doubt, the current breakthroughs in FDA-approved cannabinoid treatments are only the beginning.

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