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The Most Important Things To Consider When Shopping For Mens Wigs In Phoenix

Male pattern baldness will affect 40 percent of all men by the time they reach the age of 35, and that percentage nearly doubles by the time men reach the age of 50. Not only can baldness significantly impact a person’s self-esteem, it can also cause a person to appear much older than they are. While there are surgical procedures that can help to combat baldness, many men choose to wear Mens Wigs in Phoenix, as they are cost-effective and offer unparalleled versatility.

Hair Selection

The most important consideration is the type of hair used during construction of the wig. Synthetic pieces are more affordable, but often provide a more artificial look and are typically not comfortable for all-day wear when compared to real-hair alternatives. Choose a wig that is made from 100 percent human hair or a synthetic blend so it lays naturally and is easy to clean and maintain during and after use.

Wig Cap Construction

One of the trickiest parts of purchasing Mens Wigs in Phoenix is choosing one that has a wig cap that is designed to provide adequate coverage and a natural appearance. A full wig cap is intended to cover the entire head, but a wiglet piece is smaller in size and can be used to cover a particular region. Try on several styles and choose one that is not only beautiful but is also designed to combat specific hair loss patterns.

Adhesive Options

An adhesive paste is used to keep the wig stationary and prevent unwanted shifting. Men who are physically active and want to wear their wig while engaging in outdoor activities should consider a solvent-based solution to eliminate issues with sweat and exposure to water. Water-based glue products are more cost-effective and are perfect for men who are less active but still desire an all-day hold.

Buying a wig can be an overwhelming process, but the team at Donte’s of New York can help with every step of the process. Check out their website or call today to learn more about the hair restoration services they offer to increase a man’s self-esteem and improve their overall appearance in as little as one appointment.

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