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If You’re an Injured Athlete You a Sports Medicine Doctor in Commerce, TX

Getting hurt while playing sports is incredibly frustrating for both professional and amateur athletes. It doesn’t matter if you got injured play flag football in the backyard or playing in the NFL, you will need to see a professional who can help you with your specific injury either way. People who are active are always at risk of injury due to overusing their joints or even normal aging.

When to See a Doctor

While you may not like going to the doctor, seeing a sports medicine doctor is always smart if you have been injured while playing a sport or performing an athletic activity. While many people may prefer to try to tough it out, if the pain does not go away in a few days, calling your local sports medicine doctor in Commerce, TX is the best way to make sure your injury isn’t severe. What may seem like a small injury can often have devastating consequences for your healing time if not addressed quickly. It’s especially important to see a doctor if you can’t move the injured part of your body, are unable to bear weight on it, or if there are red streaks or extreme tenderness in the area.


There are many types of treatments that a sports medicine doctor will use to take care of your injury and help you regain your flexibility and strength. Some of these are non-surgical and include bracing, medications, and cortisone injections, while other injuries may require surgery. The experts at Paris Orthopedic Clinic P A can evaluate your injury and advise you on your treatment plan.

Don’t try to play through the pain of an injury. While you may be tempted to tough it out, not getting help can leave you on the sidelines for months or longer. Sometimes the treatment is fast-acting and simple, allowing you to get back into the game quickly.

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