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How IOP Helps Provide Continued Sobriety and Success

Many recently-recovered drug or alcohol addicts find remaining sober difficult. With a variety of factors working against them – including societal stresses, triggers and pressures to use again from others and physical withdrawal symptoms – newly-sober people need additional help in staying that way. The struggle to stay clean doesn’t end when drug rehab does.

Intensive outpatient programs – or IOPs – can provide that much-needed assistance. Studies have shown that when former addicts are properly supported and engaged during the period immediately following their treatment, they will see higher success rates and lower level of stress-related relapse. In this way, IOPs truly make a lifelong difference for those who elect to participate in them.

What do IOPs Offer?

The offerings of an outpatient program vary by region and individual sponsor, but some examples include:

  • Education on the science of addiction and overcoming it.
  • Ongoing support and encouragement for participants.
  • Outreach to local agencies that can help former addicts with finding housing, employment and other opportunities.
  • Regular medical assistance, as needed. This may include help with withdrawal symptoms or managing problems incurred during addiction.
  • Financial assistance, where available and to those who are eligible.

Some of these programs are elective, while others may be medically or even legally mandatory for participants. Treatment centers that offer drug rehabilitation often offer referrals to these programs, as well.

Great Help, Close By

There is no need to travel internationally to find great rehabilitation and sobriety resources. Fort Lauderdale, FL is one of the nation’s top choices for drug rehab. Not only does the area offer peaceful and beautiful backdrops for temporary residence, but it also boasts some of the country’s best facilities for both in-patient and outpatient recovery. With addiction recovery programs to suit every need, this is one of many American cities that is working to combat the drug and alcohol addiction crisis and provide ongoing support to the newly-sober. It is in areas such as these that we see the greatest success rates, a reflection of the benefits of options for ongoing treatment and support for recovered addicts.

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