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McArdle Surgical In Pittsburgh, PA Supplies Home Care Equipment

People can stay in their own homes longer when they have the correct kind of help and equipment installed. Quality equipment for home care can make a home safer and more accessible. People are happier and more able to improve when they can stay in their own home. In the past, a two story home was a problem for the mobility impaired person, but now there are stair lifts and lift chairs to help people have access to both floors. There are canes, walkers, and wheel chairs to make going from one room to another or even out to the yard easier.

Mobility Equipment

With new, streamlined equipment, people can go up and down stairs with the push of a button. A person who is able to transfer from a wheel chair to the chair lift can now go upstairs and back down. Many people can get around with a cane or walker until they encounter stairs. Now, they simply sit on the lift chair and push the up or down button. Companies such as McArdle Surgical in Pittsburgh PA can supply and expertly install this type of equipment in most homes. The chairs and lifts are adjustable and well made. They have installed in such a way that the stairs are still accessible to other family members or health workers.

Canes, walkers, and wheel chairs have been improved in the last few years to be more stable and easier to use effectively. There are different styles and sizes of wheel chairs to better meet a variety of patient needs. Walkers fold up to take less space when not in use, and they can have baskets attached to carry things. Some walker styles even have seating attached.

Bathroom Safety Equipment

There are many safety and accessibility aids for the bathroom. There are chairs and benches for the shower, grab bars for by the toilet or in the bath tub or shower, as well as other toilet aids. Nothing is more embarrassing than to need help with personal functions in the bathroom. These bathroom aids make it possible for many people to use a bathroom more on their own.

Compression Wear

Aching legs or selling legs can be helped by wearing good compression stockings. These stockings no longer need to be obvious. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. For more information on McArdle Surgical in Pittsburgh PA and products, Click Here.

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