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Sustainable Weight Loss Therapy in West Chester PA

There are countless weight loss programs that promise to help people lose weight. Some work, but most do not because they are not permanent solutions. Purchasing four hundred dollars of pre-packaged food each month may take off pounds. Once people begin to eat real food again, they put all that weight back on fast.

Liquid diets, ones that consist of one central food that is consumed at every meal, or the latest diet pill that requires no changes in eating habits and zero exercise cease to be effective the minute the routine stops. Many fad diets or pills can have harmful side effects, which can actually hinder the weight loss process.

No Magic

Successful Weight Loss Therapy West Chester PA will not magically happen overnight. The first concept people have to understand is that real weight loss takes time and effort. Those who are not prepared to change their lifestyles will not experience long lasting weight loss, regardless of what marketing professionals would have the public believe.

Weight loss happens when the body reaches the fat-burning state known as ketosis. Achieving that becomes more difficult after the age of thirty due to stress and hormone imbalances. Artificial ingredients, high levels of stress, and lack of exercise interferes with hormone production.

Sustainable Results

An example of a program that provides life long results is the eight week Weight Loss Therapy West Chester PA offered at a BeBalanced Center. A special hormone balancing program, natural supplements, and a whole foods diet creates a holistic approach that works long after the eight weeks is over.

In addition to those components, participants also learn about nutrition and the benefits to the body. Once weight goals are accomplished, newly healthy people transition into a “Stay Balanced” program. That consists of a continued support, periodic testing to monitor the balance of hormones, and suggestions regarding a healthy diet and lifestyle moving forward.

Other Benefits

Balanced hormones and proper nutrition carry several additional benefits. People discover a reduction in headaches, food cravings, and anxiety. An increase in energy, concentration, and libido are also other benefits to a positive change in lifestyle. Those who are tired of losing weight only to gain it back again can visit the website to explore the complete details of the program.

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