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What Can Adults Expect From Their Wellness Checkup With the Family Physician in Wichita, Kansas?

Most everyone knows an annual physical exam is vital for protecting a person’s health. At these appointments, individuals are carefully checked to ensure there are no health issues present that need to be addressed. With this information, individuals can better understand what to expect from their physical with the Family Physician in Wichita Kansas.

Health Histories Are Important

When a patient sees their Family Physician in Wichita Kansas, the first thing that will be done is a health history. Even if a patient has provided this information in the past, changes may have occurred since the last appointment, so the history needs to be updated. The more information the patient can provide, the better the chances of their physician being properly equipped to provide the right medical treatment.

It is vital a patient lists all current medications and supplements they take, even those that are over-the-counter purchases. This will allow the physician to ensure all medications can be safely taken together and no prescribed medications will cause unwanted interactions.

Vitals Reveal Important Information on Health

The physician will take several vitals, including:

  *     Blood pressure

  *     Heart rate

  *     Respiration rate

  *     Oral temperature

If any of these vitals are outside of the normal numbers, the physician will likely order further testing to find the reason for the fluctuations. This is important for managing a patient’s health and ensuring they are protected against diseases.

Common Types of Examinations

  *     Heart exams help to ensure the heart is beating as it should and in the right rhythm.

  *     A lung exam can reveal lung diseases such as asthma, emphysema, and COPD.

  *     A head and neck exam to check the lymph nodes, tonsils, and thyroid gland for any signs of swelling or growths.

  *     Abdominal exams can reveal a host of possible conditions and diseases that would need to be further checked.

  *     Neurological examinations check the nervous system for proper function.

  *     The skin is examined for signs of disease.

There are also other forms of testing that may be carried out during a wellness checkup, depending on a person’s age and gender. If you would like to learn more about what is involved in these appointments, visit the website.

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