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Know the Steps When a Cat Needs Care

It may be because cats seem so self-sufficient that the public tends to assume that cats do not need medical attention. Perhaps the idea rests on the myth that cats have nine lives. In reality, cats need at least one physical examination per year to check the cat’s health status and provide preventive measures such as essential vaccines. This is in addition to appointments for any indication that the cat is sick. When a cat needs animal medical care in Bucktown it is important to know the steps to take.

Types of Illnesses

According to a survey of veterinarians, companions of human dogs take their dogs to veterinarians more than twice as often as humans take their cats. Part of this may be that cats tend to hide their pain, which means they can be very sick when their human companion finally noticed that something is wrong. For example, urinary tract infection, urinary blockage, constipation, upper respiratory diseases and dental diseases can be minor and easily treated when treated immediately but can be fatal if not treated. Human owners must learn to be more sensitive to their cat’s personality, behavior and body language in order to be able to detect signs of illness and stress earlier.

Chronic Cat Issues

Chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes as well as cardiovascular diseases, obesity and arthritis can be better treated when detected early. As the cat ages, there are other threats to its health, such as hyperthyroidism and kidney disease that also require early treatment. What this suggests is that human owners need to know the stages of their cat’s life and what they say.

Know the Cat’s Age

Your knowledge of your cat’s life stages allows you to be more aware of what your cat needs and when and what to look for as your cat ages. The American Association of Feline Practitioners and the American Animal Hospital Association have partnered to produce guidelines that promote proper health care for your cat. These guidelines divide the life of felines into five stages. Knowing them will help you care for your cat.

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