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Potential Pros and Cons of Installing a Stair Climber in Pittsburgh, PA

As people get older, they tend to become frailer and develop health issues that make it harder to climb the stairs. This can mean that they’re stuck living on just one floor of their home or having to move out of a beloved home. One alternative is to invest in a Stair Climber in Pittsburgh PA. These devices carry people (along with whatever they’re holding) up the stairs in a safe way. Considering the pros and cons of these devices may make it clearer whether this is the solution to your problem.


The main benefit of using a Stair Climber in Pittsburgh PA is that it offers a safe way for people to get up and down the stairs. About one-third of all elderly individuals suffer from falls each year, which can lead to serious injuries and hospitalizations. Falling on the stairs is particularly dangerous.


The main drawback to using one of these devices is the cost. They aren’t cheap, as they cost somewhere between $1,000 and $4,200 if purchased new. However, it may be possible to get insurance to cover part of the cost or to get a grant to help with the bill. It’s still a lot cheaper than a nursing home would be.

Increased Mobility

For someone living in a multi-floor home, having a stair climber or stair lift can make it possible for them to once again use their entire home. Most people would prefer to stay in their own home as long as possible before moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home.

Space Considerations

Another potential drawback to installing a stair lift is the space that it takes up. These devices are best installed on wider stairways, so other people still have plenty of space to go up and down the stairs safely. In some cases, the railings may need to be removed to make room for the installation of the stair climber.

Other Considerations

If people rely on mobility devices such as the stair climber too much, they may actually become dependent on them and lose some of their ability to climb other stairs when needed. Make sure to engage in as much physical activity as possible in a safe way to prevent muscle deterioration.

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