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Determining the Need for Chronic Pain Treatment in Starkville MS

Everyone has experienced pain at one time or another. A cut, injury during sports, childbirth, surgery or kidney stones all cause pain of varying intensity. In these cases, the cause of the pain is known, which is reabsorbed when the cause disappears.

Chronic pain has a function of its own; it informs the body of an existing disorder. There is nothing a person in pain wants more than to get Chronic Pain Treatment in Starkville MS. Chronic pain, which is pain that lasts several months or even several years, is very different than typical pain.

In this case, pain rarely has a useful function. It is sometimes very disabling, and it often prevents people from enjoying the fruits of life.


Many diseases or injuries can cause chronic pain. Some people will continue to experience pain after an injury. Other chronic pain is caused by a chronic illness such as arthritis or cancer, and some suffer pain that is unknown.

This does not mean that pain does not exist. Whatever the cause, chronic pain is real and Chronic Pain Treatment in Starkville MS must be considered. The following conditions are sometimes associated with chronic pain:

• Cancer

• Fibromyalgia

• Spinal trauma

• Headaches

• Back injuries

• Arthritis

• Stomach ulcers

• Inflammation or damage to the nerves

• Mood or anxiety disorders

Pain can sometimes be felt in a limb that has been amputated. It is called “ghost” pain. This type of pain is localized pain in one part of the body, but it can be felt in another part of the body. Internal organs are not very sensitive to pain; It can be felt as a diffuse pain ( pain that extends over a large area) whose focus is difficult to spot.

Symptoms and complications

Living with chronic pain can create a vicious circle of anxiety, addiction to pain pills, and a lack of sleep. Chronic, long-term pain can make life difficult, and it can drain a person’s will to live. People with chronic pain tend to stop their social activities because of pain, sometimes feeling dependent on others for everyday tasks such as shopping. Schedule an appointment today.

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