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Benefits of Owning a Portable Ultrasound Machine

Ultrasound machines are vital to making proper diagnoses. However, console ultrasound machines are anchored in one room, which means you must bring your patients to that one room for an ultrasound. Portable ultrasound machines are on wheels, so you can wheel them from room to room for patient treatment. Here are the benefits of owning a portable ultrasound machine.

Improved Service

The ability to wheel an ultrasound machine from room to room means that patients aren’t waiting in line to receive an ultrasound in one room. With a portable ultrasound machine, such as a Sonosite ultrasound machine, you can administer an ultrasound quickly and pass the machine along to the next patient. This cuts out the wait time for an ultrasound room to be vacated and sanitized, meaning you can see more, happier patients.

Patient Involvement

Portable ultrasound machines allow the images to be shared with the patient live via a laptop screen. This offers the opportunity to explain to the patient, with images, what you’re seeing in the ultrasound. Patients get a better understanding of their medical state and an increased sense of involvement. They are more likely to follow treatment recommendations after seeing photographic evidence of their condition.

Vital Time Savings

In the emergency room, a few minutes often separates life from death. Taking a patient to an ultrasound room takes away precious time when trying to make a fast diagnosis. A portable ultrasound machine allows you to bring the ultrasound to the patient, saving precious time.

Diagnosis Accuracy

Portable ultrasound machines offer the ability to administer an ultrasound in more situations than a console ultrasound. With the ability to administer more ultrasounds, doctors can be more accurate in their diagnoses. Portable ultrasounds also increase the immediacy of a diagnosis. Instead of waiting for a patient to have access to a console ultrasound, medical professionals can immediately use a portable ultrasound. This makes for accurate diagnoses at a faster rate. Contact Wrightwood Medical, Inc. to learn more.

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