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Root Canal Dentist: How Tooth Pulp Damage is Repaired

A root canal dentist, also known as an endodontist, studies and handles treatment of dental pulp. Root canal therapy is needed when there is a deep cavity that allows bacteria to reach the dental pulp. The pulp of the tooth is made of living connective soft tissue. It contains nerves and cells. The root canal is the space that holds the dental pulp. To prepare for a root canal, a small opening must be made through the top of the tooth. Root canal files clean and shape the canal and prepare the space for a filling. All the bacteria is removed manually and with a cleaning solution before the filling is applied to the tooth. A root canal dentist needs to put a crown or similar form of dental work on the tooth afterward to return it to an operational state.

Tooth decay or enamel damage found in the beginning stages of development can be treated before it advances. Dental crowns protect chipped or cracked teeth. Fillings are used to occupy the voided space that makes a cavity. For crowns, an impression of the tooth is made so a customized crown can be manufactured in a lab. Some dental offices have computer aided design software to create a perfectly fitted crown. The crown is secured over the damaged tooth for a complete restoration. Composite dental fillings are designed to restore missing tooth structure, or a cavity. Fillings prevent bacteria from reaching the under layers of tooth enamel. It extends the life of teeth. It also prevents the need for more complicated dental work in the future.

Services at Lewis Family Dentistry aim to treat and monitor the oral health for people of all ages. Children come to see the dentist to have tooth development checked. Family dentists make sure permanent teeth are growing in normally. Children learn how to brush their teeth using the most effective technique. They are educated on cavity prevention. Adults should see the dentist every six months to a year, depending on the schedule recommended by the dentist. Routine dental exams prevent oral complications from progressing by delivering prompt treatment. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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