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3 Reasons You Need a Commercial Medical Escort for Your Flight Home

Undergoing a medical emergency at 30,000 feet isn’t an experience anyone would want to wish for. However, these emergencies happen on about 50 commercial flights a day in the U.S., says Stat News. It’s common knowledge that flight attendants receive basic training in how to properly address these situations. However, what if they aren’t and you happen to be on that flight?

The best recourse you can take is to hire a commercial medical escort. Here are a few of the instances wherein hiring these services make sense:

You’re sick and injured

Maybe you were on vacation and got hurt somewhere along the way. You want to cut your trip short and go home to recover. But you’re sick and injured. A medical service can come in and provide you with whatever assistance you need during transport.

You don’t want an air ambulance

A lot of people who might need medical assistance during transport are greatly discouraged by the idea of having to pay for the expense of an air ambulance. However, you don’t have to go unaccompanied on that flight when you can hire a commercial medical escort instead. It’s a cost-efficient solution to the expense of jet air ambulance services.

You need an RN

A registered nurse or RN can assist you in and out of your flight, ensure you take your medication and see to your care and comfort while on transport. After all, it’s going to be hard enough to stay on your feet. Trying to keep track of whether you already took your meds or not or to check if your bandage is still intact doesn’t need to add to your stress, not with a registered nurse by your side.

With a trained and experienced nurse, you can go home with fewer worries on your plate.

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