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3 Reasons Animal Teeth Cleaning in Chicago is Necessary

A lot of pet owners do not realize that teeth cleaning in Chicago should be on their radar. Getting your pets teeth clean is just a part of overall good health care. Can you imagine going years without visiting a dentist? Even with the healthiest of diets your pet is prone to tartar build up and cavities. A good annual cleaning and exam can ensure that your pets teeth last them their lifetime.

The 3 Reasons

There are three reasons that you should make it a habit to get your pets teeth professionally cleaned.

1. Comfort for you and your pet
2. Good health for your pet
3. Their diet and nutrition


Bad teeth smell bad and they hurt. This is a statement that is true for both humans and other animals. Your dog or cats stinky breath can be a sign of infection in their teeth. They may be in pain and you may not even know it. A good cleaning will reveal if there are any problems that need to be addressed. Of course, a nice clean mouth is good for the whole family. Everyone will want to get closer to your pet.

Good Health

An infected tooth can be a very serious situation for your pet. The infection can spread to other areas of the body, it can cause abscesses and can even be fatal. An infected tooth can be hard to see if the teeth are not cleaned. Plaque buildup can mask cavities.

Their Diet

Clean healthy teeth ensure that your pet can eat comfortably and get the nutrition that they need. Teeth cleaning is the first step in checking for painful cavities. Pets rely heavily on their teeth like humans do. Make sure you add this treatment to your list of things to do for your pet. Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic can help!

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