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Reasons Why You May Need To Visit An Emergency Veterinarian In Chicago

In most cases, you and your pet will lead a very healthy life and probably won’t have a lot of problems. However, there can be times when emergencies arise, which is why you should have an emergency veterinarian available in Chicago. In some cases, your regular vet will also deal with emergencies or have plans in place for a crisis. The goal is to know when it is a serious problem and when it can wait.


While giving birth is considered to be part of life, there can be complications, just like with humans. If you notice that the delivery is slower than it should be, you may need an emergency veterinarian in Chicago. Signs of a difficult labor can include an interval of more than two hours between each new animal, contractions that take longer than an hour, or a birth that takes longer than 15 minutes.


A lot of situations can be put under the umbrella term trauma, but it just means that if your pet is hurt, it could be a crisis situation. For example, fighting with other animals can cause severe scratches and cuts. Likewise, anything that damages the eyes, causes a fracture, and more should be considered a crisis. In some cases, the trauma can cause internal bleeding, which you may not even be aware of.

Ingested Toxins

It is important to keep household items away from your pets, but accidents can happen. If your pet swallows human medication or too much of their prescription, it is a crisis situation. Likewise, human food can also be toxic to pets, including yeast-filled foods, coffee, chocolate, garlic, and others. It’s always best to treat these situations like a crisis and get medical help immediately.

An emergency veterinarian in Chicago can deal with many problems, including trauma, labor issues, and more. Visit  website today for more information.

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