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Speech Therapy Program in Salt Lake City, Utah to Solve Stuttering

According to a speech therapy program in Salt Lake City, Utah, speech therapy is defined as the technique to solve stuttering and other voice problems that can be common, mainly among children. A good speech therapy program is administered by therapists and speech pathologists who have dedicated their lives to helping those with speech disorders. This can take place in a clinic, school, hospital, or even one’s home. There are a variety of different activities and exercises that are used to help correct this disorder.

The Type of Therapy

The type of therapy varies depending upon the extent, difficulty, and the age of the stutterer. A good speech therapy program will try to establish the extent of the stutter through an interview of the parent or child and go on to recommend the correct treatment.

Two Forms of Speech Therapy

There are two forms of speech therapy: the indirect approach and the direct treatment program. The indirect approach is done in a comfortable and relaxing environment to help the individual improve his or her speech naturally.

The direct treatment program is when a therapist interacts with the child face to face. The therapists will teach how to correctly formulate words and speak slowly and try to calm the child while he or she is speaking. This approach is also valuable as it teaches the child how to cope with the stress created from stuttering.

A speech therapy program as a remedy to solve stuttering is something that is best performed at the child’s school around the ages of five to seven. When handled correctly, it is very beneficial to the child and will help him or her to learn the tools needed to correct any stuttering and build confidence throughout his or her childhood years. Visit the site for more information.

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