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Things to Know About Permanent Makeup Applied at a Beauty Salon in Philadelphia

The possibility of having permanent makeup in Philadelphia is tempting for many women. No longer will they need to devote time to applying eyeliner, eyebrow darkener for blonds and redheads, and lip color. They’ll also wake up in the morning looking as lovely as they did before going to sleep. Since some of these techniques essentially involve the application of tattoos, a potential customer may wonder how safe this all is. Fortunately, medical experts agree that Permanent Makeup Philadelphia is generally regarded as safe when applied by a licensed professional.

Pigments used for these tattoos may rarely cause an allergic reaction, which typically is a rash. Interestingly, it’s usually the plant-based products that cause these reactions. People expect plant-based pigments to be less problematic because they are natural, but plants commonly are associated with allergy symptoms like hay fever. By the time someone is ready to have permanent makeup applied, she probably already knows whether or not she reacts to any plant materials.

Iron oxide is more prevalent for tattoo pigments and substantially less likely to cause a rash. Some individuals are sensitive to certain types of metal on the skin, but that usually is a reaction to the nickel content of jewelry. Before making an appointment to have permanent makeup applied at a beauty salon in Philadelphia, it’s a good idea to speak with the practitioner and learn more about the products they use. Licensed cosmetologists and skin care professionals are more than happy to discuss this with prospective clients.

Unlike standard tattoos, this application is added to the second layer of the skin instead of the third, which creates a softer look. People often wonder whether permanent makeup, as applied at Absolute Smile, is truly permanent or simply long-lasting like many cosmetic treatments. Because this is a tattooing technique, it is indeed permanent. For that reason, salon clients must be certain they want to have these cosmetic features forever before scheduling the appointment. A wide variety of colors are available, which makes the decision easier since the client will likely be able to find the ideal choice.

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