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How Can Use a Laser Hair Rejuvenation System in Lancaster, PA Help Women With Thinning Hair?

When most people think of balding, they immediately assume that it affects only men. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There are a wide variety of reasons that women can also begin to lose their hair. These include hormone imbalances, other genetic factors, the use of certain medications, cancer treatments, and more. Women’s hair loss is often, but certainly not always, age related. When those long, lustrous locks begin to thin it can be cause for concern, but often hair loss does not indicate any underlying medical condition. It does, however, almost always come with a certain degree of lost confidence.

The cosmetics industry has been capitalizing on this fact for years, but as women who have tried even comparatively high-regarded shampoos, conditioners, and other treatments can testify their products do often do not produce the desired results. Instead of wasting money on products that won’t work, consider the use of a Laser Hair Rejuvenation System in Lancaster PA to restore thinning hair to its former glory.

The pain-free and highly effective lasers used at BeBalanced Center for hair restoration treatment have been proven via more than 15 years of scientific testing to increase hair density by as much as 60%. No treatment exists to completely restore 100% of a person’s natural hair, but laser rejuvenation comes as close as possible to stimulating dormant hair follicles to produce new active growth. This works by encouraging tissue regeneration and increased blood flow through stimulating cellular metabolism and the synthesis of proteins. Unlike wigs or volumizing shampoos, laser treatment actually encourages the growth of natural hair instead of replacing or thickening the hair a woman has left artificially.

The hair that grows back after treatment is often darker and more durable than the strands that had fallen out thanks to the increased production of melanin in the follicles. The treatment is effective for all hair colors and all skin types, and is targeted to avoid the production of dark spots on the forehead. Those interested in finding out more about how the use of a proven Laser Hair Rejuvenation System in Lancaster PA can help should click here for more information.

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