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Ideas about Mobile Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA

For someone who is recovering from an injury or has ongoing joint stiffness from conditions like arthritis, it can be difficult to use stairs. There are a few alternatives for someone in this situation.

They may be able to stay on the ground floor of their home if a bathroom is available that also has shower or bathtub. Another choice would be to stay in a facility that provides physical rehabilitation until someone is better able to get around on their own. Another option would be to go from a home into a long-term care facility.

Many people do not want to choose one these options. It can be inconvenient to only use part of a home and this can also be very discouraging as well. For a short-term care facility, the costs for such a stay can be high and if the use of the facility is not covered by insurance, the costs must be paid out of pocket.

Another option that may be more desirable is the installation of a Mobile Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA. A mobile stair lift allows someone to use every part of their own home without putting a strain on joints and without having to leave a home. A mobile stair lift is a stable and safe way for anyone to get up and down stairs within a home.

A mobile stair lift can usually be installed in a single day and is very simple for someone to learn to use. In many cases, the company that does the install can also provide training to someone so that they are able to use the mobile stair lift safely. A mobile stair lift is safer than trying to climb stairs with a cane or walker. There are a few options for the features of stair lift that are available as well.

A higher quality of life can be enjoyed by someone that is able to stay in their own home and use the home as they want to without worry about the pain of climbing stairs or the risk of falling down stairs. To learn more about Mobile Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA contact McArdle Surgical.

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