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Pediatric Urgent Care in Carlsbad- Care Built for Kids

Pediatric urgent care in Carlsbad is care that is built especially for kids! One of the biggest problems with taking a child to an urgent care center that is built for grown-ups is that they must deal with more stress than they should. It can be uncomfortable for a child to be thrown into an adult care situation that is not built for them. Children deserve the specialized focused care that is built especially for them.

See the Pediatrician Instead

Pediatric urgent care in Carlsbad does not have to mean:

  • Long wait times
  • Uncomfortable situations for your child
  • Seeing a doctor that is not a pediatrician
  • Seeing a doctor that does not have access to your child’s healthcare record

Adult urgent care centers and the emergency room at the local hospital typically come with long wait times. No one wants to sit around waiting with a sick child that simply does not understand you have to wait your turn to be seen. Adult urgent care waiting rooms are made for adults. It can be a long uncomfortable wait for your child.

You never know who you might see when you walk into an adult urgent care center or an emergency room, if there is not a pediatrician on call, you may see a doctor that does not specialize in pediatrics.

Of course, your child’s healthcare record will play an important part in the diagnosis.

After Hours

There is a medical group that has “after hours” hours and they provide pediatric urgent care. Children’s Primary Care Medical Group has extended hours so that your child can see pediatricians that are familiar with their medical history, in an environment that is comfortable for them with short wait times! It is a great solution for so many families, it could be a great solution for yours!

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