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FAQs About Cosmetic Medicine In Westport, CT

In Connecticut, patients seek cosmetic treatments for aesthetic purposes primarily. However, select treatments such as Botox can provide medical benefits. The following are FAQs about Cosmetic Medicine Westport CT and their medical benefits.

How Does Botox Treat Migraines?

The clinician injects the solution into the face to slow down muscular conditions that produce migraines. The solution paralyzes the muscles to prevent the frequency of migraine headaches. With regular Botox treatments, the effects of the condition are lessened and the patient doesn’t become debilitated.

Can Botox Stop Excessive Sweating?

Yes, the solution is injected into sweat glands to treat this condition. These glands include but are not limited to the underarms, feet, and hands. Individuals who have excessive face sweat can also benefit from these injects. The location of the injections could also provide the patient with additional benefits. They include the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles.

Can Botox Stop Incontinence?

Yes, the clinician can inject the solution into the walls of the bladder. This treatment can reduce the effects of urgency and other uncontrollable bladder conditions. The patient won’t experience any urgency during the night and can achieve a better night’s sleep. They will also experience fewer instances in which embarrassing accidents occur.

Can the Cosmetic Treatment Address Neurological Disorders?

Yes, it can prevent spasms associated with multiple sclerosis. By controlling the spasms, the clinician reduces instances in which the patient experiences uncontrollable twitching and discomfort. Additionally, patients with Bell’s palsy can reduce the possibility of facial drooping. Botox relaxes the muscles and lowers the risk of involuntary movements as well.

What is a Potential Risk of the Treatment?

According to studies that were published in recent medical journals, the treatment reduces the patient’s ability to express emotions. The effects of the treatment hinder their ability to make certain facial expressions and lead to unnatural results.

In Connecticut, clinicians provide cosmetic treatments for medical purposes. These treatments can reduce the potential for more severe reactions associated with detrimental medical conditions. These conditions include migraines, excessive sweating, incontinence, and neurological disorders. Patients who need treatments offered through Cosmetic Medicine Westport CT contact Russo Aesthetic and Wellness and schedule an appointment today.

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