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The Need to See an OBGYN in Norman, OK

A family may go to see a general family practice doctor for the family’s needs. However, certain members of the family will benefit from specialists designed for them. Children may need to see a pediatrician. Senior members of the family may need a geriatric specialist. Females need an obstetrician for maternity purposes and a gynecologist for female reproductive issues. Many doctors combine the last two specialties and are called Ob-Gyn. There is an OBGYN in Norman OK who attends to the various female issues of patients. These are some of the things such a specialist does.

A female can go to a general practitioner until she reaches the age of where she first begins her menstrual cycle. Then, she will need a specialist who can help her in issues of birth control, as a young teen, pregnancy during her fertile years, and menopause, at her change of life years. The Ob-Gyn deals with pelvic issues, especially those that deal with surgery. He or she also deals with urinary tract issues, cancers that may affect women and other infections that may present themselves in the female body.

Some of the specific things the Ob-Gyn specialist does are pap smears, vaginal exams, tests for STDs, if the females are sexually active, breast exams and the internal bimanual exam. They also deal with hysterectomies, infertility and well woman exams. Because these things are so intimate and personal, it is important that the female chooses an Ob-Gyn that she is comfortable with. Some women prefer female Ob-Gyn because of this. Others are just as comfortable with a male. At any rate, they may want to choose someone that comes recommended or that their other female family members and friends use.

Life’s Cycle has been providing Ob-Gyn solutions for women for over 25 years in the Southern Oklahoma and Northern Texas areas. In addition to providing women with obstetrical and gynecological services, the clinic also offer hormone therapy, coolsculpting and cosmetic services. The Ob-Gyns are at their Norman, Oklahoma location at certain times.

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