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What to Expect After Knee Injections at an Orthopedic Clinic in Sacramento, CA

Knee problems are not much fun. Along with the swelling and inflammation, pain in this joint can inhibit the ability to manage many day to day tasks. One solution is to have injections that are appropriate based on the underlying cause for the knee issue. Here is what to expect after having a knee injection at a local orthopedic clinic in Sacramento CA.

The Swelling Subsides

When the tissue around and under the kneecap is swollen, the pressure is distracting at best and painful at worst. One of the benefits of having an injection at the orthopedic clinic in Sacramento CA is how quickly the swelling will go away. Once the knee is back to the normal size, managing simple tasks like putting on a pair of pantyhose or pulling up a pair of trousers will be easy once more.

The Knee Bends Without All That Pain

Anyone who has ever lived with a stiff knee knows how hard it can be to walk, sit, or move in any way that involves bending that joint. The right type of injection relaxes the tissue and reduces the pain and stiffness. Many people find that soon after having an injection, the range of mobility improves noticeably. That makes moving around the house or taking care of tasks at work much less difficult.

Easier to Sleep at Night

When there’s pain deep in the knee, falling asleep is not the easiest thing to do. The throbbing that occurs every time the joint is moved even a little will be enough to make the individual snap awake. Having an injection in the morning improves the odds of being able to go to sleep the next night and sleep all the way until the first rays of the sun filter through the window.

Injections are only one of the ways to manage and treat joints. Browse our website today and learn more about the different options for dealing with stiff knees, shoulders, and even fingers. Whatever the underlying cause happens to be, there are ways to ensure that the patient does not have to be in constant discomfort.

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