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Your Puppy’s First Visit To The Animal Hospital

You chose a puppy from the new litter and you have been waiting patiently for the day to come when you can pick it up. In the meantime you have gone out and bought puppy food, toys, a collar and leash and you have decided where it will call home in your house. The next big step is your puppy’s first visit to the animal hospital in Chicago.

Responsible breeders normally include a first visit to the vet in the price you pay; many demand that you agree to annual visits during the life of the animal. If you get your puppy from the shelter you will not be given these benefits but as a shelter dog has an unknown background it may even be more important that they are taken immediately to the animal hospital for a complete check-up and wellness examination.

Develop a relationship with the hospital:

Regardless of whether your pup is from champion blood lines or just a mutt from the shelter, they both require the same care. It is always a good idea to establish a relationship with your vet, no different than you establishing a relationship with your doctor. The vet can do a better job if he knows the animal’s history and what is considered normal and what is not. Once you have found an animal hospital in Chicago that you and your pet are comfortable with, the relationship can last for the pet’s lifetime.

Puppy’s first visit:

If you know in advance when you will be picking your new puppy up it is always a good idea to make arrangements for the first appointment; a typical animal hospital in Chicago is a very busy place, don’t wait for the last minute to make an appointment if you can avoid it.

While you are at the vets, check for convenience items such as free parking, extended hours and emergency care.

When you bring a new puppy into your life you will also want to find an animal hospital in Chicago that you can trust and rely on to care for your pet’s health. You are invited to make an appointment with Metropolitan Veterinary Center.

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