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Pet Care in Sugar Land Should Include Regular Exercise

Just like humans, dogs need to exercise in order to burn calories. Otherwise, they can become unhealthy. That is why medical specialists in pet care suggest that you regularly exercise your dog or cat. Otherwise, you are setting up your pet for such ailments as high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes. If you don’t feed your pet properly and exercise him, then expect to see the veterinarian more than once per year.

Develop a Supervised Play Time

According to specialists in pet care in Sugar Land, exercise needs may vary depending on the breed or breed mix, sex, age, or level of health. Exercise also staves off boredom, which can also lead to unhealthy behavior. Supervised games often satisfy many of a pet’s instinctual urges, especially a dog’s need to retrieve, chew, herd, dig, or chase.

Practitioners in pet care also emphasize the need to exercise your cat. Cats that partake in regular play times are happier and healthier companions. It also gives you more of a chance to bond with your pet, whether a dog or a cat. Therefore, when it comes to caring for your pet, exercise is a number one priority.

Where to Obtain More Information

You can obtain more information about veterinary care by visiting such sites as Website. Besides exercise, you also want to examine your dog or cat each day for fleas or ticks, especially during the warm seasons of the year. Use a flea comb to find and eliminate fleas. You will discover that several methods of flea and tick control are available. Talk with your veterinarian about the options.

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