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What Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh, PA Are Available to Consumers?

Elderly and disabled people often experience difficulty getting around. In the context of their own homes, these challenges can be mitigated through the use of specialized mobility aids. For those whose homes have not been designed with the disabled in mind, Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA can be particularly helpful.

Stair lifts provide easy access to areas of the home that would otherwise be difficult to get to in a multistory house. They are designed with safety in mind to help those who have difficulty getting up and down the stairs. By using a stair lift, people with mobility issues can access areas like second story bedrooms and bathrooms with ease and without the help of a caretaker. This helps to provide an increased level of independence and means that disabled or elderly people do not have to choose between the stress of moving to a more accommodating living space or confine themselves to the bottom story of their own homes.

A huge number of at home injuries occur in the bathroom. The shower can be particularly dangerous for those with trouble getting around. By installing a bath chair or bench and grab bars, the possibility of slip and fall accidents can be drastically decreased. Toilet aids are also available to make using the bathroom easier and safer. Many people find personal hygiene to be a very private area of their lives and prefer to be able to handle bathing and grooming by themselves. Bathroom aids can remove the need for a caretaker’s help and restore a level of dignity and privacy in the home.

As more people are choosing to remain in their homes late in life, additional products have been developed to help accommodate them. Lift chairs are a stylish alternative to conventional easy chairs, which can pose challenges for those with mobility problems. They are designed to safely help people up using a lift mechanism in the base, removing the need for caretaker help getting up and sitting down.

Walkers, canes, and crutches are time tested and proven to increase mobility on the move. Contact McArdle Surgical produces high-quality Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA at a reasonable price. These devices can have a drastic impact on independence and the ability to safely perform daily tasks, improving people’s quality of life and making otherwise challenging tasks much easier.

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