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Including Annual Flu Shots as Part of an Organization’s Occupational Medicine in Anderson OH

Occupational Medicine in Anderson OH can include flu shot clinics in the workplace or a streamlined process at a health care facility. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that some 20 percent of workers miss time on the job each year because of influenza. Because flu symptoms can make people feel really sick, the workers may miss three or four days. They may still feel tired and out-of-sorts when they return to the job, making them less effective employees. It’s no wonder that so many corporations and other organizations strongly encourage their employees to get that vaccine before flu season begins.

One essential step is to make sure the vaccinations don’t cost the employees anything. Most health insurance policies cover flu shots without making the vaccinations part of the deductible. If this isn’t the case with any employees, such as part-timers without insurance, the company could reimburse the individuals or provide vouchers. The organization also could have the employees show their worker ID at the facility to obtain a free vaccination. The health care practice providing service for Occupational Medicine in Anderson OH then would bill the organization for all part-time employee vaccinations.

A facility such as Eastside Urgent Care provides other important vaccines for adults. Adults are generally advised to have pertussis and tetanus booster shots at some point, but many of them never bother. When an organization is working to motivate better compliance with flu vaccinations, they might provide details on the importance of these other preventive injections as well.

Only about one-third of adults under age 50 get annual flu shots, according to the CDC. Older individuals, especially senior citizens, are more inclined to be vaccinated every year. Many people figure the vaccines don’t work, that they tend to target the wrong type of flu, or that they cause the flu in a certain percentage of people. The organization must find ways to convince employees to obtain the vaccinations. The organization may want to distribute literature detailing statistics about the effectiveness and safety of the vaccines, and influenza’s negative impact on the nation’s health and economy

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