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Are You Ready for a Pet?

You have decided the time may be right to bring a pet into the house. There are some questions that you will need to ask yourself and it will require planning, forethought, and a real commitment on the entire family’s part. Too many times a parent or parents get this picture in their head of what a wonderful present a new puppy or kitten would make on Christmas morning under the tree. Unfortunately, many times it does not work out the way they thought it would in the end up taking that cute little animal for a ride to the local animal shelter along with the millions of other dogs and cats that are dropped off every year during January and February.

Ask Yourself These Questions

How old are your children? Whereas a 10 or 11-year-old child may very well be responsible enough for the care of a dog, your four-year-old little girl who really wants a cat simply is not ready.

Have you asked whether or not your kids really want a pet? While it is true most children love animals not all of them want one when living in their home. Your child may love playing with the neighbor’s collie that doesn’t mean he or she wants one of their own.

Have you thought about all the costs that are involved? Too many people never even think what a lifetime of pet care will cost them and when bills for checkups and vaccines alone need to be paid they backpedal.

Are you really and truly committed? A pet is not something that you can bring home from the store, decide you don’t like and then return it. You are responsible for the care, feeding, and well-being of this animal for the rest of his life.

This is a decision you do not have to make on your own. You can always consult a veterinarian in the Logan Square area such as Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic. Their knowledgeable skilled staff can help you decide if you are ready to take on a pet and even what type would best suit you. Visit today to schedule appointment.

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