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What It Feels Like To Go To A Lincoln Park Chiropractor

When most people think of going to the doctor, they know what to expect, but when you mention a Lincoln Park chiropractor, it becomes part of the unknown. Some people dislike the not knowing and will put off doing something that can have so many benefits, just because they don’t understand it, so it can help to learn a little bit more about chiropractic care.

Initial Visit

During the first visit, you’ll talk about your current and past medical history. You’ll tell the doctor what is wrong and be as accurate as possible. They will usually X-ray you and determine a probable cause. Sometimes, they will adjust you that first day, especially if you’re in terrible pain. Otherwise, they’ll request that you come back the next day to start treatment.

First/Second Visits

During the first visit, you’ll likely be placed on electric therapy and/or roller therapy. They attach small pads to the area that hurts and use electricity to stimulate the muscles. It won’t hurt and will help the Lincoln Park chiropractor adjust you more easily.

He will likely adjust the neck both ways (left and right), as well as the low back (left and right), and the upper back. If you’ve got tight muscles or joints, he may also perform stretching exercises on those areas to loosen them up. You’ll likely feel great afterward.

The second visit will be almost identical, but you may feel some slight pain afterward, which is normal. It’s best to have a light day planned after your session so you can ice the inflammation and relax.

A Lincoln Park chiropractor isn’t a miracle worker, but can reduce pain and swelling in the back. At Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers we strive to make each visit to our office as fun and relaxing as possible. To know more about lincoln park chiropractor contact

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