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Chiropractic Medicine For Today’s Spinal Pain Relief

Who would have thought that the formation of chiropractic care in 1895 would be initiated through the actions of a partially deaf janitor named Harvey Lillard and a teacher and grocer named Daniel David Palmer? The janitor’s haphazard movement of throwing trash into a garbage can, with a pop sound and ensuing pain lead Mr. Palmer to do one of the first spinal adjustments right there on the floor of his own office. Herein began the uphill battle of helping patients with back problems feel relief without medication or surgery receive treatment from what was termed an unscientific methodology for healing. Chiropractic care has seen a century of battles since its beginnings and even its dismissal by the medical community as not being a bonafide scientific, medical practice. The biggest changes were finally instilled into the medical world in the late 1980’s and 90’s when chiropractic care was finally delineated from osteopathic care and gained its own credibility with its many proven health benefits.

When Palmer discovered the lump in Harvey Lillard’s spine, he believed that Harvey’s spinal subluxation may have been the cause of his hearing loss. Palmer drew his conclusions from his own personal experience of heart issues and his spine being out of adjustment in the same area connected to the nerves of his heart. Once the spinal adjustment was made, the heart symptoms disappeared. His conclusions and persistence through lawsuits against him and even incarceration eventually paid off into the booming business that it remains to be through today. Chiropractic Medicine is one of the least invasive treatments for back pain. Check out domain URL to learn more of the chiropractic help available in Garfield, New Jersey for treating your spinal pain and discomfort.

BJ Palmer, Daniel Palmer’s son continued the legacy passed down from his his dad by carrying forward the work of higher learning through chiropractic schooling. Chiropractic Medicine has since helped improve the health of countless clients today with spinal subluxations caused by the onslaught of everyday body movements. History has shown that sometimes the uphill battle of instilling a non-conventional method of alleviating painful symptoms is well worth the benefits paid forward to many satisfied customers for many generations to come. You can also connect with them on Facebook for further news and updates!

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