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When is it Time to Call Audiologists in Lancaster PA?

Most people don’t realize that hearing issues can occur at any age. It is not just an issue that affects the elderly population. There are a number of different reasons that hearing loss and audiological issues may arise. If a person begins experiencing something unusual with their balance or hearing, they may be wondering when it is time to call audiologists in Lancaster, PA. Here are some signs to watch for that may indicate this professional should be called.

There are certain medical conditions, as well as some recurrent medical issues that need to be checked regularly. For example, if a person has been diagnosed with auditory processing disorder or auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder, they need to make appointments with Audiologists in Lancaster PA on a regular basis.

Those who suffer from certain conditions also need to be seen by an audiologist regularly. These conditions include:

  *     Ruptured eardrum

  *     Occupational exposure to loud sounds

  *     Head injury

  *     Inner ear disease or ear infections

  *     Ear pain

  *     Genetic hearing impairment

  *     Tinnitus

  *     Vertigo or dizziness

In other situations, there are symptoms that will let a person know they need to make an appointment with an audiologist to be evaluated. During the appointment, the audiologist may perform a hearing evaluation or a balance test, depending on the person’s symptoms. Some of the symptoms to watch for that indicate it is time to make an appointment with an audiologist include:

  *     If the person avoids activities, that require them to hear what is going on

  *     If they have a hard time hearing on the phone

  *     If they are unable to hear the phone or doorbell ring

  *     If it is hard to understand conversations

  *     If a person often misunderstands what is being said

  *     Confusion regarding where sounds come from

  *     If it seems like others are mumbling all the time

  *     People have to repeat themselves often

An audiologist will be able to provide the proper evaluation to determine the problem. They will also be able to come up with a treatment plan. If a person needs more information about when it is time to see an audiologist, they can visit the  website.

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