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Convenient Medical Care for the Whole Family

Finding a practice that can cater to the medical needs of the entire family will save a lot of time and money. Convenient Family Medical Care in Andover Kansas eliminates traveling to a pediatrician for the kids, an independent laboratory for blood work, a geriatric specialist for parents, and a general practitioner for everything in between. Office based procedures and minor surgeries can be done, as can management for simple or complex health issues. X-rays can be taken, bone density testing can be completed, and testing to monitoring heart functions, such as EKGs can also be done on-site.

Other services include annual physicals, well child care, preventative health care, diagnosing illnesses and conditions, immunizations, evaluations, and assessments of many health conditions or problems. Minor emergencies and urgent care issues can be handled, if same day appointments are available. One dozen doctors, several medical support staff, technicians, and administrative support staff are available to cater to most health needs for any member of the family. Those interested can Contact Wichita Family Medicine Specialists LLC for information, to schedule an appointment, or to learn about services and capabilities.

Medical doctors include Doctors of Medicine (MDs) and Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DOs). Both types of doctors are board certified family physicians, with the same number of years in medical school and residency training. The differences are in the focus of education. DOs have been educated in a more holistic approach to treating health issues, although both disciplines encourage physicians to consider the whole patient rather than just the injured or affected areas of the body. A DO is also educated in body manipulation, much like a chiropractor, and has an excellent understanding of the muscle and skeletal systems.

Selecting one type of doctor over another may come down to personal preferences, or may have more to do with which doctors are available to accept new patients. Full details of each doctors’ education, background, and previous experience are available on the website. Financial information, insurances accepted, new patient forms, and access to the patient portal are also available online. Going to one place for Family Medical Care in Andover Kansas is quicker, eliminates the risk of losing records, and can save money on travel.

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